zaterdag 1 januari 2011

strindberg over droomspel in zijn dagboek

"Am reading about the teachings of Indian religions. The whole world is but an illusion (= Humbug or relative meaninglessness). The divine Primary Force (Maham Atna, Tad, Aum, Brahma) let itself be seduced by Maya or the impulse of procreation. In this the Divine Primary Element sinned against itself. (Love is sin; that is why pangs of love are the greatest hell that exists.)
Thus the world exists only through sin, if it exists at all, for it is only a dream picture (hence my Dream Play is a picture of life), a phantom the destruction of which is the mission of the ascetic. But this mission conflicts with the instinct of love, and the sum of it all is a ceaseless wavering between sensuality and the pangs of remorse. This seems to me the answer to the riddle of life . . . All day I read Buddhism."